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Dandelion Studios

Independent Comic Creators

Dandelion Studios Official Blog Community
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Welcome to the Dandelion Studios blog. Here Rick and Gynn post release dates, comic samples, odds and ends, news, updates, show and con appearances, and thoughtful commentary on any topics that come to mind.

Livejournal users are welcome to join and participate. If you don't have a Livejournal account, that's fine too. Our previous message boards didn't allow guests to comment, and we found that too inconvenient. Visitors may leave anonymous comments here. Just make sure you choose the 'anonymous' option.

So what is Dandelion Studios? What do we make? We are an indie comic book company with a couple of titles in the works:

Zephyr & Reginald: Minions For Hire

Two out-of-work engineers get jobs working for a supervillain. But it's a tough balance - in order to earn a living, they have to provide their boss with the ability to destroy and conquer, and they really don't want to live in a world ruled by Evil. Even worse, the superheroines of the Legion Of Good Girls, supposedly their arch-enemies, turn out to be decent people. What's a minion to do?

Issue #1, The Untimely Demise Of Cold Shoulder, and issue #2, Despot Industries, World Conquest Division, are available for purchase. If you review a copy, please let us know. Issue #3 is due out in summer 2008.

Knifeclaw Company

Capt. Hraith Odua gu Schaig and the crew of the Vigilance are on a top secret, highly unusual mission. They don't know what they're in for; only that it will involve a bizarre alien species called the Wing-worms and a new alien race that may be even stranger. What they don't know, however, can certainly kill them. Though they're not just your typical Space Warrior stereotypes, the Vigilance crew will need a lot more than heavy firepower to get out of this jam alive.

Knifeclaw Company is in progress. No release date has been set yet.

But meanwhile, check out hraith, the Captain's blog. All entries are in-character as Capt. Hraith records his adventures. It follows the plot of the comic book very closely.

Other Projects

We also have several other comics and comic strips in the works. Look here for samples of The Hearth, Exiles, Snail's Pace, Ugh, and more.

On the Dandelion Studios Website, you'll also find a comprehensive Convention and Events Calendar for the northeastern US, an extensive Links Page, and our Online Store, where you can purchase our comics in book form.