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New Issue of The Edge of Propinquity Is Now Online! Go Read!

Volume 44: August 2009


Welcome to the Edge of Propinquity. Volume 44 is now published. My apologies for being late this month due to life and its vagaries. Hot August nights bring with them both passion and hope. So too does this month's offerings. We have revenge served hot, secrets in the dark, the loss of someone dear, the contemplation of family and hard decision over right and wrong.

Luminations - Isolation, Part One by Rick Silva AKA shaharazad
A search for a kindred spirit leads Mattie Ives into a trap set by her enemies. Joe Tuckerman has decided to eliminate Mattie's vengeful spirit once and for all, but it's Chester Hall who may pay the ultimate price when an exorcism ritual goes badly wrong.

Santa Maria - Revelations by James M. Sullivan AKA sylvan
Brady steals a moment with Calliope, Ant meets his lawyer who has more than just legal tricks up her sleeve, and Mackenzie receives a disheartening revelation. Daphne realizes that something is amiss just before danger strikes.

Solstice - Summer, Part Two by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
In the second of our Summertime intervals we catch up with Michael Monroe as he soothes his nerves, and we learn what Mayor Long has in store for his return. Can those born to fight or flight reconcile if they're never allowed to meet?

Danyael - Burning Down the House by Nick Bergeron
How far is too far? That's a common question when someone starts acting on belief. If I KNOW what I'm doing is right, how far do I dare to push it? I begin to probe that question to its depths.

Guest Author - Carrying the Torch by David E. Hughes
Carl receives the chance to work with the coach of his dreams for a shot at the Olympics. Then he discovers the coach's secret to training and a choice has to be made. Would you give up everything you have worked for in order to do the right thing?

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?
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