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New Stories!

This is the beginning of my fourth year of writing for The Edge of Propinquity, an urban fantasy/horror webzine. The zine features four ongoing serial stories, plus a monthly guest story (the zine is open to submissions for guest stories and pays for accepted stories; you can find writers guidelines on the site).

My series, "Luminations" is now the longest-running serial on The Edge of Propinquity. I describe "Luminations" as geek-noir. The stories are detective stories with some supernatural elements. Each year of "Luminations" is a new story arc, and each year features a different narrator. The zine as a whole has an ongoing theme for each year. The first year ("Revelations") introduced my private investigator character Chester "Chess" Hall. The second year ("Consequences") was narrated by rare book seller Nancy Mateo. The third year ("Retribution") told the story of college student Katy McCormick, who worked as Chester Hall's secretary in the first year.

The new theme is "Compromise", and it features the return of Chester Hall with something of a twist. Chess has a ghost who has taken up residence in his mind, a murder victim named Mattie Ives, who has her own agenda. Chess and Mattie will share the narration duties this year while they try to resolve the problem of sharing a body.

Here is the lineup for the first issue of 2009:


Volume 37: January, 2009 Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a new year of The Edge of Propinquity. Volume 37 is now published. This year we have one new author and two new universe story lines. As the cold January winds blow, this year begins with an unexpected connection between crimes, a multitude of changes in an already chaotic city, the dead of an established woman, the finding of something extraordinary and the change to finally get revenge.

Luminations - Subprime by Rick Silva
Private investigator Chester Hall takes on his first case in more than two years when an old acquaintance hires him to look into a mortgage scam. Chess feels he owes a debt to his client, a woman he met when he first became entangled in the strange affair of Christina Kenney and Mattie Ives. Chess is eager to help, but Mattie's ghost has plans of her own. And since she's taken up residence in Chester Hall's head, Mattie is not all that easy to ignore.

Santa Maria - Changes by James M. Sullivan
Ant and Rodrigo share quality time as new parents and discuss their new roles in the hidden world and reflect on the past. Daphne gets an offer she can't refuse while Mac and Everett discover a potential new threat to Santa Maria, which leads the newly formed Council Dictum to make a difficult decision.

Solstice - Winter, Part One by Ivan Ewert
As the sun rises over the valley, we meet and say farewell to one of Solstice's oldest residents - which means a full workload for Corbin Byrne, the man charged with finding a substitute.

Danyael - Dumpster Diving by Nick Bergeron
When I was a kid I found a bird with a broken wing, so I brought it home and nursed it back to health. When it was well, I let it go, and it came back every day for food. A few months ago I found another set of broken wings, but this time they belonged to an angel.

Guest Author - Ledger Entries by Glenn Lewis Gillette
What would you do if you found a ledger that had the names, dates, times of death and cause for people all over your city? Would you keep it? What if that ledger had information of the death of your loved one... and who killed them. What would you do then?

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

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