Hraith Odùa gü Schaig of the Knifeclaw Company (hraith) wrote in dandelionstudio,
Hraith Odùa gü Schaig of the Knifeclaw Company

104 comic pages - pages 6-8

I'm way behind on my 104 pages. But I have sample panels from three more.

First, Knifeclaw Company:

The first one is Hraith sitting alone on the bridge. He's getting some bad news. Hehe.

The second one is Hraith and Hai-caauhk walking through the reptilians' warehouse satellite together. I have to say - drawing wacky alien tech is hard. It's hard to get inspiration for the little details. But drawing a monopodal winged alien in various poses, most of them slinky, is about the hardest thing I've done since I started to draw comics. You'd think Hai-caauhk is just like Quetzalcoatl, just a big slithery snake with wings, but this is not so.

For one thing, his wings are bigger than his body. It only makes sense biologically. I think I'll have to resign myself to the fact that he'll almost never completely fit into a panel.

And thirdly, a sample of the guest page I did for Dark Red, a webcomic I'm a big fan of:

It's about a blind woman who gets thrust into a war between angels and demons. Visit the website to see my page in its entirety, and/or to read the original comic.
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