Dandelion (hai_kah_uhk) wrote in dandelionstudio,

104 comic pages - page 5

This one is from Knifeclaw Company.

Obviously it's not done, and in its final form it will probably be arranged a little differently. Sorry for the weird white line through the center. The original is 11x17, which makes it a singular challenge for my scanner to scan. It can't quite handle scanning the page in two halves.

But I'm posting it anyway because I think it's really neat and I'm proud.
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Huzzah! Congratulations - I especially like the different angles.
There is no "up" in space. :)

I was worried because 1/3 of the book will have to be drawn like this, but it turned out not to be too hard. The hardest part is picturing the perspective I want and then putting down the first few lines.